frosted box cupcakes

Posted on August 12, 2011


I tried the recipe of how to ice my cupcakes!!! They came out beautiful!.

I used the icing recipe from this!

I used the how to from this!

I am so happy with the outcome! I think they look and taste so yummy.

The icing was whipped (I’m thinking that’s the secret to getting really good icing).

I didn’t have any specific tip to use so I just used a pastry bag, filled it to the top with icing, and cut a hole similar to the one from How Sweet It is!. Then I started in the middle as her tutorial shows and just made a circle and continued to make a puffy blob until it was more than enough icing. I halfed the recipe of icing because I didn’t want to make too much and then it get squished while I traveled.

No these are not chocolate chip oatmeal cookies but look how pretty they are.

I love sprinkles (hundreds and thousands in south african language).

I’m about to stuff my face with this and some tea!

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