monday chatter

Posted on August 8, 2011


I move myself and all of my stuff (other than the belongings I’m leaving at home) to Raleigh this Saturday.

I have been waiting all summer along with two years for this move! My own house, bathroom, walk in closet, and kitchen!!!! Supppperrrrr excittted.

Now I only have to pack….



In the meantime here are some of my favorites on a Monday:

favorite way to ice a cupcake

now i just have to try this recipe because these cupcakes look banging. and i was looking for a really good way to ice my cupcakes, because i have been having some trouble lately with my home made icing. im thinking it has to be more fluffy!

favorite book

something borrowed.

still waiting to see the movie!!

favorite new way to write my lists

craving of the moment

chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

borderline obsessed.

mhmmmmm (what diet??)

favorite photo

favorite restaurant


you have to try their mussels.

and pasta.

and tiramasu.



well my tea time is over!

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